Do you provide mic’s?

Yes. We have 1 cordless mic available for the ceremony and reception tent areas, and 2 lapel mics available for the ceremony space.

Can we access the venue early

If the venue is available, you may request early access. The fee is $250.00 per hour for the entire venue or $125.00 for the bridal suite & botanical garden. Note that you cannot bring in RVs or campers through early access. This is only intended for the Reception & Ceremony areas for the purpose of …

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What is included in the clean-up service

If you have clean-up service included in your package, this will include take down & packing up of lightweight decor items. You are responsible for supplying adequate bins or containers to store the items. You must supply a detailed list of decorations and advise of any specific packing requirements.

What types of fasteners can be used for decor

When attaching decor items the the venue you may use fishing line, zip ties or string. We do not allow nails, pins, glue or anything that will leave a mark. If you plan to use candles, they must be put in a glass jar so no wax can touch the table.