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Built entirely out of giant boulders this monolithic stone monument is the first of its kind in the region. It features landscape lighting throughout, a seven stage waterfall, infinity edge pond and a moon gate entrance that will leave you in awe.

Our Amphitheatre is a majestic setting for your significant ceremony. 

The Story

Our stone Amphitheatre is a centre piece of the venue. Designed and built as a giant circle, invoking notions of wholeness, eternity and totality – the geometries and materials chosen are as intentional as the the ceremonies that take place within it. Using rock and earth as the primary construction elements, the sense of permanence in intrinsic to the space. It is built to last.

Recessed within the shelter of a burm, outside noises fade away as you enter through the circular moon gate to the cleansing sounds of two multistage waterfalls that flank the entrance. Passing through the water upon entering the space is symbolic of cleansing as two individuals transition from one phase of life into another.

Looking back out from the moon gate, gazing over the reflection pond you will experience the setting sun, and find the perfect location for timeless golden hour photographs. The connection with the surrounding nature, and the elements cannot be accurately captured through words, and should be experienced to truly appreciate this majestic structure.  


Tonnes of Earth
Old growth trees
Moon gate

The Amphitheatre

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