ObSidiaN Ridge


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Constructed from over 100 massive boulders and 3000 tonnes of earth, the entrance of the is flanked by two waterfalls overlooking a reflection pond.

Step into our reception area, covered beneath a transparent canopy. Imagine sharing your first dance under the stars and dining in the ambiance of interior accent lighting.

Get ready for your special day in our unique bridal suite. This rustic chic retreat features an outdoor lounge area, mini fridge and washroom facilities.

Our signature grooms den features a garage themed recreation area complete with a dedicated shower, antique truck frame, pinball and mini fridge.

Our massive fire pit and out door kitchen area provides the perfect setting for extending your evening well beyond last call.

Come for the day, stay the night in one of our available overnight accommodations or invite your friends and family to stay in our surfaced RV lots.


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The Vision

Owners Jodi and Layson LaFayette are visionaries, she’s an award-winning designer and he’s an accomplished developer, their combined portfolio demonstrates their high-quality professionalism and amazing creative ability. Using a fusion of modern architecture, ancient building methods, and impeccable design they have created a truly one of a kind space. Obsidian is their first major project together as a couple, their crown jewel, and life long dream.

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