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Fire Pit

Surrounded by large spruce trees, sheltering you from the wind, this space is carved 14ft down into the ground with a walkout opening to nearby Owen Lake. Our massive bon fire pit provides the warmth necessary to bring people together as it has done throughout the ages.  Framed out by the giant fieldstone boulders, similar to the amphitheater, this area also invokes the circle as an element of unity. 

The Story

Located in the heart of the venue with easy access to camping and our geo-domes, our vision was to create an entire gathering area centered around a grand bon fire pit. Unlike most places, that make you clean up and get out by a certain time… the unique design of this space gives our guests the ability to extend their evening with marshmallows, laughter, storytelling and a campfire style afterparty. This was a major aspect of what we envisioned occurring after our reception, and we could not find anything like it, so we created it.


The Fire Pit

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