Owners Jodi & Layson LaFayette

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Spanning across 20 acres of hills, trees, meadows, and lakes, the property is fully developed and landscaped throughout. Its something one must see in person to grasp its enormous size and stunning beauty. The property offers a multitude of potential ceremony and gathering areas, each with unique features.

This idea came from our own experience getting married, let me tell you I wish we could’ve found a venue like this 5 years ago… I will never forget the moment near end of the night, I was finally beginning to relax, get on the dance floor, and share some great laughs with old friends… in that moment the venue owner came up and told us we needed to start cleaning up… there I was glowing from some laughs I just had with my groomsmen, finally ready to celebrate, and the night was over… It was a horrible feeling of disappointment… Thats when I vowed to create a place that would give people a new experience and enable them to truly relax as I wish I could have that day… the memories of your wedding stay with you forever, they are priceless, and you deserve to be able to enjoy that moment without being rushed!

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