Hillside Suite Access Instructions


Welcome to the Hillside Suite at the Oasis as Obsidian

Entrance to the Suite

From the parking lot, take the staircase down to the Hillside suite, just to the south of the antique car.

The access code is 1771

On Arrival

Please note that there are dogs onsite. Echo & Ellie live on the property. They are human friendly and act as guardians of the property from other wildlife. If they’re not welcome and you see them just tell them firmly to “go lay down” – and they will leave.

The lights to the venue will come on and you are welcome to walk around. Please stay on the cleared paths and beware of slippery surfaces.

None of the modular washrooms are functional. Your only washroom is located inside your suite.

What’s Included

Please see the Obsidian Oasis Hillside Suite brochure for more details on what is included in your stay.

Check-in / out

Check in time: 3:00 pm
Check out time: 11:00 am


Please contact sales@obsidianridge.ca or call 780-803-7679 if you have any questions.

Thank-you for choosing Obsidian and enjoy your stay!

– The Oasis Team

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